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Hubby has revived my old blog so will be moving back there. Since it’s my old .com it’s easier to do stuff there. Don’t forget to check me out there and some of my old old stuff too 😛

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Little Bean 2.4Ghz digital baby monitor

* 300 meters trasmission range
* Two-way communication
* No interference and high privacy
* 2.4 ghz digital wireless transmission
* Frequency hopping technology with FHSS
* LEDs sound bar
* Baby’s room temperature indicated in the parent unit
* Lullaby activation from receiver
* Plays 3 melodies
* Voice activation (VOX) on baby unit
* Voice activation night light
* Adaptor or battery operated
* Recharging base

Rm 299- 350 (depends where you buy, online or at a shop)

Was scouting for a baby monitor after my move and came across this one. I’ve notice before that baby monitor was kinda pricey around Rm500 and above. I thought to myself i don’t think i want to spend so much on a baby monitor. When i saw this model with the price range i thought ok i think we can give this a try.

Saw some reviews and it says 300 meters range are suitable for upstairs and downstairs usage for standard a house. Didn’t want to go high and low searching for one so just give this one a try.

The review…

It is very sensitive and very clear. When the baby move it will immediately pick up the sound. But the down part is that the parent unit volume is very low. Make sure to turn up the volume to maximum every time it’s on (even on high volume it sounds low) I was surprise how sensitive it was, so that was a plus point.

Now the down part, you can never charge both of them at the same time. The baby unit with the adapter  can never be turn on when the parent unit is charging. So.. the baby unit is the one that’s left in the room turn on all the time right. The parent unit is the one that needs to be charged. When you charge the parent unit the baby unit has to be off. And the worst thing is that the parent unit battery runs out very fast. I think probably around 3 hours. Have to charge every night and have to switch is off each time. It is such a hassle of me cause you can’t just charge it as you like otherwise it will jam the monitor. Oh ya trust me i’ve tried it.

The lullaby is super loud and the sound is too sharp, definitely can’t be use for the baby to sleep. So that feature is useless. Temperature display is good, at least you can see what is the temperature of the room is at all times when you are away. Night light is ok i guess but it can be irritating cause there will be a light on all the time. Just put it in a direction that’s not facing the bed.

Well… for the price i can’t complaint much. Otherwise i’ll have to look into those sleeker ones that will cost me Rm 799-1k. So far it does the job but i wish that Little Bean can improve on the battery life.

Maternity support belt, review

So your stomach is getting big and maybe even before that your lower back is starting to stress you out. The agony and pain that you been suffering throughout the day…. fear not! the support belt can help.

I’ve been having lower back pain for quite sometime since i was pregnant. Didn’t think much of it and i guess at that time it was not so painful as in now. Before your stomach becomes big sometimes the lower back can be a little stressful but still bearable. Well… at least till the 3rd trimester when it’s no longer bearable. I’ve had pain since i wake up and through out the day all i did was just hanging in the house. I’ve heard people saying that the support belt helps, so immediately i went looking for it. Went to a few baby shops but sadly none of them carry the support belt. Until finally came across Mamour at 1Utama.

This is exactly what i wanted. There are 2 types. One of them is like a tube on the stomach. It’s also call the support belt/tummy. Straps are adjustable on both ends.

  Maternity belt

When i saw this i was thinking how can this support my back?? It’s just a piece of cloth that wrap around the stomach. Then when the sales girl show me the belt…. now that’s what I’m talking about. I know some people actually will wear two of them together for better support. For me i don’t like anything that wraps around my stomach. Kinda feel itchy and hot. But of course if you want support or to cover your tummy you can definitely try this one. Most shops will have this maternity belt.

I’ve research and was expecting that this belt would cost around Rm 200++ but to my surprise that this one that i found was only Rm 79.99. Well i’m pretty sure the more expensive ones are organic and special type of material but at this moment i’m not choosy whatever works. There’s a size chart there make sure you get the right size and don’t feel shy to try it out. I did and immediately i wore it 😛 I can’t believe it just relieve the pain right away. If i only knew this earlier with my first pregnancy. Also went through the same pain as early as 5 months into the pregnancy. So if you are thinking whether to try it out or not i would say yes if you are having lower back pain. Definitely can feel the improvement. So far it’s been working out really well for me.

I only wear it when i’m out on my feet and on days when it’s just too painful even at home. You do not want to cramp the baby just in case. Although it’s rested below the belly but if you are carrying low the baby might be kicking.


Kyocera ceramic knife, review

The Santoku Knife is the ultimate cutting tool for every day slicing of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.

If you have not seen it on tv or any other shows, the knife that looks like plastic and looks more suitable for kids than adults. I have to say i totally love it. It does not make your veggies or fruits turn black after slicing it.

At first i thought what so special about the peeler, it’s just gonna be like any other peeler. Well i love the peeler too. It peels thinly and just peel harder if you it it to be deeper. Very smooth while peeling and make my job so much faster and easier. The bad part is that the peeler cannot be sharpen. Once it’s not sharp anymore it’s time to change a new one.

I bought the breast cancer edition, 3 piece set 5.5 inch knife, Y peeler and a chopping board. It also comes in a variety of fun colors.  The special edition breast cancer 3 piece set , i bought at Rm 245 i think. For one knife i think it sells for Rm199 or something. It is a little pricey but trust me it’s worth it.

At first i didn’t quite like the chopping board it’s so thin and i thought it’s not gonna be much use. Boy was i wrong. I use it everyday to make baby food (together with my peeler and knife) After chopping i can just bend the board and slide everything into the pot/pan etc. The board is quite smooth so far no complaints for me. I hate those plastic chopping board.

They do sell the knife sharpener but it’s too expensive around Rm 200++ not worth it. Bring back to the shop where you bought the knife and they will sharpen it for you for free. The sales person told me it’s not worth to buy the sharpener cause you would only need to sharpen your knife once a year.

All in all i have to say i don’t think i’ll go back to the stainless steel knife unless i have to. Am very happy with the result and gonna try out more of their products. I’m not a cooking person and don’t really care about kitchenware but this knife does it all, even for me 🙂

If you want to check out this knife, so far i’ve only seen this knife selling at ETC store (Bangsar shopping center & The Curve) and Robinsons.

Cotton cloth panty liner, review

 Top layer is made up of soft and hypoallergenic USA imported cotton flannel. Consists of 4 layers cotton flannel, the wing is slightly thicker but soft to prevent wear and tear. 100% cotton flannel is highly breathable and cool to skin.
Dry Flux Liner – RM15/pc
Length: 8 inches
Front Width: 2.5 inches
Back Width: 3 inches
Snowdrop™ Cotton Cloth Pad:

Top layer in contact with skin is made of soft and hypoallergenic 100% USA cotton flannel. Inner core consists of multiple layers, including organic bamboo which is also highly breathable and antibacterial. Bottom layer is PUL waterproof backed with 100% cotton for breathable, comfort and cooling effect to your skin.

Came across this one day on Facebook, thought i’ll give it a try. A panty liner that’s reusable hmm… interesting. For those first day of period, last day of period or daily use. Comes in cute attractive colors.

I’m a regular user for panty liners, just feel more clean. Especially when i’m pregnant, occasionally will have discharge. I’ve bought this quite some time ago but didn’t have the time to try it out. With all the renovation and moving this was the last thing on my mind.

I bought 2, puzzle pieces and spring garden i think.

The material look and feel thick. Which is all good but i was thinking wouldn’t that be hot ? To my surprise it’s not hot at all. Quite comfy but the down side is that it moves around in my underwear. At first i thought maybe my underwear is loose but it’s not. Even though you have button it down to the correct place but when you move around the liner will move together with you. It will end up a little in front or a little back. I did find it cleaner than using the regular pads. i think cause it’s thicker and it absorbs more. While the regular pads are thinner and once wet the area thins out (i use Poise which is a thicker liner, still the same result)

I would like to use it on a daily basis but it moves around which made me uncomfortable so it will just be my spare pad when my disposable runs out. For those who are thinking of trying it out i think it’s worth a try since it’s not pricey. It’s Rm 15 and if you can wear it without any problems then good for you 🙂

Baby Snowdrop

My tips and thoughts about renovation, Part 2

Finally i’ve been settled into my new home. It seems endless and still a lot of stuff needed to be done until i can say that it’s completed. Moving on from Part 1 next will be furniture.


Choosing our furniture is the most exciting part, i’d say. It determines what kind of style and taste we have. Before shopping for furniture think about what theme you would feel most comfortable in. Look at magazines or books of inspirations. Shop around at furniture stores before deciding. A lot may look good but do you really want that in your house? You need to feel comfortable and a sense of you in it. After all it is your house and you will be seeing it for a long time.

Big pieces to consider 

In my opinion big pieces like the sofa and dining table is something you might want to spend some money on. Most of us spend a lot of time in the living area and a comfy reliable sofa does make a difference. Would you prefer fabric sofa or leather? Of course both will also give you a different feel and atmosphere. Not to say you should jump in and buy a expensive sofa but a price that’s reasonable enough to at least last a good 5 years. Cheaper sofas had cheaper material and life span. Of course material and other stuff that comes with it has it’s limitations.

If you are going for fabric sofas think about seat covers. To make a extra set can be costly Rm 1k and above. It’s high quality material and can last a long time (imported material especially made for sofas)

Leather would be easy maintenance, wipe and clean. For our weather it can be hot and sticky as well.

Size of your dining table, either 5 ft or 6 ft. Look at your dining space and measure it out what is the appropriate size so it’s not too small or too big. Consider pulling out the chairs for space, will there be any other console table or shelves around it. What type of material do you prefer, glass, wood or marble? Think not only fashion but function as well. How often would everyone use the dining table? Dining table can be a multi purpose table as well.

For example, i choose a marble table with rounded edges cause i have kids. I also choose a design that has no 4 table legs instead just one big stand in the middle so that the kids won’t easily bump into it. Marble is also easy to take care and clean. Not easily scratch with kids around also i don’t want a glass table theni don’t have to worry about tapping on the glass. Some things to ask yourself before choosing a dining table.

What type of bed to consider? Bare in mind if you have small kids you might want to consider a king size bed. Before you know it, your bed will become a family bed. Everyone just loves to cuddle together 🙂 Before deciding on the king, do you have the space? You want to have proportions to be even out in the room. After the bed there’s no space to even walk then there’s no point.

Few things to consider, if you want to have a big wardrobe maybe your bed will have to sacrifice or vice versa. So think about items that you would need in the room. What should be a important big item and what can you sacrifice.

Kitchen cabinets

If you need to do a new kitchen or simply remodeling it think about what material would you like. There are lot’s of designs to choose from. From wood, acrylic, laminate, melamine, glossy finish etc all of these choices will give you the type of finish or look you want for your kitchen. If you have a open kitchen bare in mind that it has to go along with your living room (otherwise it will look weird, but not too matchy matchy)

Kitchen accessories do you need it? What is it and do you need it? It’s those that’s inside of your cabinets. Soft close, pull out baskets, dish rack etc. It many seem useless some times but it does come in handy if you are the type that’s always in the kitchen. Pick out cabinets that you frequently use or in a odd place to put the accessory in so it’s easy to maneuver.

Example: i had a pull out basket in one of my odd corner lower cabinets. It’s easier for me to take things instead of squatting and trying to dig things out that’s down in the corner. I had Blum system (soft close) in all my cabinets to prevent my kids from banging their little fingers. I also choose round handles so no one will get poke  (regardless kids or not) These are some of the details to think about before making all the decisions of your kitchen cabinet. Don’t forget to make space if you wish to have a build in oven and don’t forget to let them know the size of your fridge.

What kind of top?

Nice solid surface looks nice and so does the price. There are lot’s to choose from but do know that cheaper material will not work or last as good as the solid ones. Look into your budget and see what you can afford. Can always change the top later on, not much of a hassle.

Will stop here for now, too many details if i continue on. Till next time.

My tips and thoughts about renovation, part 1

A guide to headache and heartache of a renovation, tips on how to save $, part 1

When think of renovation, all i can think of is a headache. A lot of nitty gritty stuff that’s unexpected. But nonetheless am excited for my new home. After going through a few renovation for my shop and home now i can share a few tips on what to look for and how to save a couple of bucks. Let’s get real before we start…. BUDGET? It will always exceed, so be realistic.

Interior designer or do it yourself?

So you got a new home and can’t wait to transform it into your dream house…. but do not know how? So you’ve thought of interior designers. After consulting with the interior designer you’ve realize that they cost a bomb and probably won’t fit into your budget.

Go online to search for inspired rooms and home decor. Buy books or magazine. With pictures and research that you have found it’s not that difficult to replicate what ideal home DIY style. It will take a lot of time and effort but the bucks you will be saving can get your more things into your ideal home.

When putting up glass, tiles or grille or anything miscellaneous try to source from direct supplier. Prices will be much cheaper from direct manufacturer. Make sure they are specialize in that product and not those that sell everything together (those are not direct supplier)

Which contractor to choose from?

Before choosing the contractor enquire a few to compare prices and amount of work that’s needed to be done. Compare and measure yourself what’s important and what’s needed to be done first and is it worth the price. Workmanship is very important but it also come with a price.

  • Chinese contractors are pricey but usually will have good workmanship.
  • Indonesian contractors are cheaper but possible poor workmanship. Having said that if able to find a well experience head the work could be just as good as the chinese contractors.

Having said that, all contractors can be a pain in the ass. When ask to fix something or change something all they will ask for is $ to make the changes. So do negotiate before starting work, so if the job came out something not what you have requested they have to make changes without any extra charge. Be firm, don’t be afraid to tell them your ideals and demands.

What you should know about paint…

There are lot’s of paint in the market but which one to choose? It’s very simple actually, the cheaper ones will have low quality and branded ones are costly but  quality ones.

Brands like Dulux ICI, Jotun and Nippon all are high end brandst with a lot of fancy technology in their paint which is good these days. Fast dry, low voc, reduce smell, environmental friendly etc. Comes with a great variety of color selection and color mixing shades. Of course the prices are also not cheap. Roughly around Rm 130 and above for a 5 liter can. Lower end brands cost as low as Rm 78 for a 7 liter can only.

Popular paint like Maxilite by ICI are low end paint that’s made for economical use. After painting there will be a powdery finish, in the long run the powder will come off the walls. If must it’s only recommended to use on ceiling. It is not very lasting. Good for commercial use where by there’s frequent renovation and with the wear and tear it won’t hurt your pocket. Comes in 1, 7 and 18 liters, the biggest can cost roughly around Rm 78 only. Consider re painting the house every 4-5 years to refresh the look and maintain the appearance.

Electric wiring, lights, phone lines and internet connection

It is important to have good wiring throughout the house. Especially with aircon points. It will require a higher voltage. It will last you a very long time unless something goes wrong. It is advisable to wire all the power points and light points during renovation. A conceal wire will give the house a sleek and clean finish. You would not want 1 or 2 dangling wire hanging around your walls would you? Don’t forget if you need to hang a fan, let them know ahead of time.

How many power points do you need? Look around the house and see what area and what would you be needing it. It is easy to pull a extra power point right next to the existing one. If you are lucky some electrician won’t charge per point but some do. It’s always better to have extra at least you won’t need to have a string of extension in the house later on. Try to negotiate a lump some instead of charging per point. Most likely it won’t be a problem.

Make sure astro lines are working.Ask them for extra astro line if needed in another room. If you need to relocate the point to somewhere else let the wiring man know. Same goes for the telephone lines. That will determine where your internet connection will be.

All of this will reduce further complications with lighting and wire problems in the future. If there’s anything that needed to be fix it will be just small stuff.

More to come, stay tune for part 2