Maxim circle lens in black (eb-buen) review

 An update from previous post.

Finally gave the black color a try and was a little disappointed. Reason being the material seems to be different from the colored ones. It felt a little more thick and harsh not as thin and smooth as the color ones.

When i put it on it didn’t feel smooth a little pokey but after a couple of mins then it was ok. It’s really black and really make your eyes look big.

Hubby said it looks fake cause the pupil looks too perfect, but after wearing it for the month he didn’t even know when i was wearing it haha. Anyways i’m going back to the color ones, it’s just more comfortable. So disappointed in the black color. Don’t know why the material is not the same. If you have tried it you would know what i mean. If not it is still ok i’m not saying it’s super pokey or cloudy like Freshkon (still better than Freshkon) Compare with the colored ones it’s slightly pokey while the color ones, you don’t even know it’s there.


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