Sharing my amnio experience

I’m in my 2nd pregnancy and was happy to able to conceive as hubby and i planned. Had a very sick 1st trimester but right after that i’m back to normal. Went for my monthly check up as usual, on the 17 weeks of my pregnancy it was time for my blood test. Had four types and one of them was for down syndrome. Doctor recommended it due my 2nd pregnancy and my age i should take more precaution.

Down syndrome blood test is just a screening test, not accurate (around 90%) but will come  back with a percentage of risk that the baby may have down syndrome. So that you can make a decision if you want to take a further detail test which is Amniocentesis. Usually recommended to women that’s over 35 that has higher risk but usually women that’s after 30 should also take the test if the screening comes back with a risk. I read most of down syndrome affect woman starting the age of 30. I’m 33 now and when i had my 1st baby doctor didn’t ask me to take the test only this time around. I had my first child at age 31-32.

My blood test result

My blood test came back 2% risk which caught me off hand. Went to the doctor with hubby and had a discussion. My doctor told me that it’s a low risk but of course there’s always a chance cause the screening test came back with that risk. So as a doctor, he need to let me know and it was my choice if i wanted to take it further or not. According to him so far all the ultrasound looks ok, no thick neck, backbone looks fine but if i wanted to be sure i need to take the amnio test. Which i know hubby and i would definitely want to know for sure.

3 Major chromosomes that’s tested for down syndrome

My doctor told me the most important chromosomes that need to be tested is 13, 18 and 21. These are the major chromosomes that will cause birth defects. Amnio test will test these 3 chromosomes.

I’m terrified of pain and doc told me that it was painless even less painful than blood test. As he put it it’s just the long needle and the thought of it going through the stomach that’s scary. Other than that it takes less than 5 mins and it’s done.

The experience

He will use the ultrasound to scan and i can see the whole process. I was so nervous that i told doc, just do it i’m gonna close my eyes, haha. Hubby was there sitting far away, lol. Doc was explaining the whole process while he was taking the fluid. The doctor will see through the ultrasound, make sure the baby is not there and absorb the liquid next to the baby. When it was about to finish i open my eyes and saw yellow liquid put into the tube. It was really no pain at all. Although i read online that some feel uncomfortable during the withdraw of the liquid. It was really less than 5 mins and it was done. Doc put a plaster where the needle was inserted and told me i can take it off after 2 days. Gave me 2 day antibiotic and pain killers in case i have any pain. I got so nervous and kept on asking him I’m gonna have stomach pain! ? he said JUST IN CASE.

I was planning to move to my new house at the end of the week because of the test i need to reschedule my moving date. Need to rest for at least a week or 2, you know just in case 😛 No hardcore stuff just lie in bed and rest. Doc told me i would get my results for the 13,18 and 21 chromosomes within 48 hours. That is the fast result which i had to pay extra. Just the amnio cost Rm 1k but hubby and i were impatient people we paid extra Rm 800 for the fast result. Still need to wait 3 weeks for the full detail but usually when the 3 important chromosomes come out ok everything should be ok. Bear in mind this price is for Ipoh Fatima Hospital. Check with your doctor how much they charge first but for amnio usually 1K ++ standard. Altogether i paid Rm 1,800 plus doctor’s fees.

Small risk of miscarriage

Doc did inform us that by taking the amnio test will have a small risk for miscarriage but so far whatever he has done it has not happen on his hands (that’s why it’s small risk) This is the so-call side effects that might happen. Just rest for a week or two and don’t stress yourself.

After 3 weeks full report came out and it’s clear, everything is ok ^_^ At times like this, money need to be spend to ensure and know what you might be facing.

Final thought

Some people may think that doesn’t matter even though the baby has down it make no difference cause i won’t abort it. I feel differently, even though you don’t mind taking care of a down syndrome baby but i would not want to see my child in pain like that the rest of his/her life.

Having the amnio test prepare you and let you know what you might be facing in the future. I know a lot of people is too scared therefore they don’t even want to do the test. Think twice before making that decision.


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