My tips and thoughts about renovation, part 1

A guide to headache and heartache of a renovation, tips on how to save $, part 1

When think of renovation, all i can think of is a headache. A lot of nitty gritty stuff that’s unexpected. But nonetheless am excited for my new home. After going through a few renovation for my shop and home now i can share a few tips on what to look for and how to save a couple of bucks. Let’s get real before we start…. BUDGET? It will always exceed, so be realistic.

Interior designer or do it yourself?

So you got a new home and can’t wait to transform it into your dream house…. but do not know how? So you’ve thought of interior designers. After consulting with the interior designer you’ve realize that they cost a bomb and probably won’t fit into your budget.

Go online to search for inspired rooms and home decor. Buy books or magazine. With pictures and research that you have found it’s not that difficult to replicate what ideal home DIY style. It will take a lot of time and effort but the bucks you will be saving can get your more things into your ideal home.

When putting up glass, tiles or grille or anything miscellaneous try to source from direct supplier. Prices will be much cheaper from direct manufacturer. Make sure they are specialize in that product and not those that sell everything together (those are not direct supplier)

Which contractor to choose from?

Before choosing the contractor enquire a few to compare prices and amount of work that’s needed to be done. Compare and measure yourself what’s important and what’s needed to be done first and is it worth the price. Workmanship is very important but it also come with a price.

  • Chinese contractors are pricey but usually will have good workmanship.
  • Indonesian contractors are cheaper but possible poor workmanship. Having said that if able to find a well experience head the work could be just as good as the chinese contractors.

Having said that, all contractors can be a pain in the ass. When ask to fix something or change something all they will ask for is $ to make the changes. So do negotiate before starting work, so if the job came out something not what you have requested they have to make changes without any extra charge. Be firm, don’t be afraid to tell them your ideals and demands.

What you should know about paint…

There are lot’s of paint in the market but which one to choose? It’s very simple actually, the cheaper ones will have low quality and branded ones are costly but  quality ones.

Brands like Dulux ICI, Jotun and Nippon all are high end brandst with a lot of fancy technology in their paint which is good these days. Fast dry, low voc, reduce smell, environmental friendly etc. Comes with a great variety of color selection and color mixing shades. Of course the prices are also not cheap. Roughly around Rm 130 and above for a 5 liter can. Lower end brands cost as low as Rm 78 for a 7 liter can only.

Popular paint like Maxilite by ICI are low end paint that’s made for economical use. After painting there will be a powdery finish, in the long run the powder will come off the walls. If must it’s only recommended to use on ceiling. It is not very lasting. Good for commercial use where by there’s frequent renovation and with the wear and tear it won’t hurt your pocket. Comes in 1, 7 and 18 liters, the biggest can cost roughly around Rm 78 only. Consider re painting the house every 4-5 years to refresh the look and maintain the appearance.

Electric wiring, lights, phone lines and internet connection

It is important to have good wiring throughout the house. Especially with aircon points. It will require a higher voltage. It will last you a very long time unless something goes wrong. It is advisable to wire all the power points and light points during renovation. A conceal wire will give the house a sleek and clean finish. You would not want 1 or 2 dangling wire hanging around your walls would you? Don’t forget if you need to hang a fan, let them know ahead of time.

How many power points do you need? Look around the house and see what area and what would you be needing it. It is easy to pull a extra power point right next to the existing one. If you are lucky some electrician won’t charge per point but some do. It’s always better to have extra at least you won’t need to have a string of extension in the house later on. Try to negotiate a lump some instead of charging per point. Most likely it won’t be a problem.

Make sure astro lines are working.Ask them for extra astro line if needed in another room. If you need to relocate the point to somewhere else let the wiring man know. Same goes for the telephone lines. That will determine where your internet connection will be.

All of this will reduce further complications with lighting and wire problems in the future. If there’s anything that needed to be fix it will be just small stuff.

More to come, stay tune for part 2


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