Cotton cloth panty liner, review

 Top layer is made up of soft and hypoallergenic USA imported cotton flannel. Consists of 4 layers cotton flannel, the wing is slightly thicker but soft to prevent wear and tear. 100% cotton flannel is highly breathable and cool to skin.
Dry Flux Liner – RM15/pc
Length: 8 inches
Front Width: 2.5 inches
Back Width: 3 inches
Snowdrop™ Cotton Cloth Pad:

Top layer in contact with skin is made of soft and hypoallergenic 100% USA cotton flannel. Inner core consists of multiple layers, including organic bamboo which is also highly breathable and antibacterial. Bottom layer is PUL waterproof backed with 100% cotton for breathable, comfort and cooling effect to your skin.

Came across this one day on Facebook, thought i’ll give it a try. A panty liner that’s reusable hmm… interesting. For those first day of period, last day of period or daily use. Comes in cute attractive colors.

I’m a regular user for panty liners, just feel more clean. Especially when i’m pregnant, occasionally will have discharge. I’ve bought this quite some time ago but didn’t have the time to try it out. With all the renovation and moving this was the last thing on my mind.

I bought 2, puzzle pieces and spring garden i think.

The material look and feel thick. Which is all good but i was thinking wouldn’t that be hot ? To my surprise it’s not hot at all. Quite comfy but the down side is that it moves around in my underwear. At first i thought maybe my underwear is loose but it’s not. Even though you have button it down to the correct place but when you move around the liner will move together with you. It will end up a little in front or a little back. I did find it cleaner than using the regular pads. i think cause it’s thicker and it absorbs more. While the regular pads are thinner and once wet the area thins out (i use Poise which is a thicker liner, still the same result)

I would like to use it on a daily basis but it moves around which made me uncomfortable so it will just be my spare pad when my disposable runs out. For those who are thinking of trying it out i think it’s worth a try since it’s not pricey. It’s Rm 15 and if you can wear it without any problems then good for you 🙂

Baby Snowdrop


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