What baby Berry did in Toronto

Besides lying around all day in the cold winter days, baby Berry did some touring around πŸ™‚

First off we head to Niagra Falls. It takes around 2 hours with traffic. I guess without traffic it’s around 1 hour + but the highway it’s always jam.

I prepared for a cold day since we’re heading outdoors to see the falls but that day was super COLD. I bought her a snow suit still i didn’t think it was enough, luckily i brought her blanket.

Rewind back to the hotel…. getting dressed

It didn’t last long till she protest, lol

American Falls

I forgot how cold it was but she slept through while we were sightseeing. Didn’t had a chance to carry her up for a picture 😦

At times will wait for daddy to swim after work. Smile daddy πŸ™‚ There was a nice heated pool where we stayed.

Having dinner at Moxie’s with daddy’s colleague. Hmm… he’s trying to bite my finger, maybe he was hungry.

Daddy got too hungry and took a bite out of my cheek, ouch! Why is everyone so hungry?!

@ Science Center learning about planets with daddy. Gosh she looks bald, lol

Pink bunny all wrapped up before heading out in her snow hat and scarf.

With Sarah and little Aeris in the snow

My best friends Sarah & Wendy (reunion 2010) came to visit from the States. It was great all of us had kids and it was lot’s of fun with all the wholesome mess, lol. It was snowing and everyone wanted a picture with the snow. Just before heading out to Toronto Zoo.

It was a really nice zoo, unfortunately most of the animals are in hiding and moved inside. We didn’t really see anything. We were strolling around mostly in the cold haha and spend most of our time at the cafe eating.

@ Eaton Center with Wendy and little Darren.

Wendy’s great idea to capture me with Sephora background πŸ˜› ahhhh all things make up!

It was really hard to capture all the kids together, but here is the best pic i had.

Last night dinner before they leave @ Oliver & Bonaccini. Hmm yum! just thinking about it. One and only our group pic.

@ Burger King

How she spend her afternoons

Learning how to play the piano. Maybe she can play a tune before daddy comes back πŸ˜‰

Whoops! caught by me in her high chair. She was trying to play with the belt attachment. She was 6 months and was able to sit up on her own.

She spend so much time on the bed, i think she wants to blend in with the sheets πŸ˜‰

Trying to wrestle the pillow.

Dozing off while watching cartoons.

Once she can touch her toes…. she does it all the time.

Oh! there’s another one. Not in public πŸ˜›

Whoops! the polar bear has fallen.

Finally there’s one pic that she kinda look like me.

She’s teething and always like to put her fingers in her mouth to chew. Once she got back gramdma had made her stop πŸ˜› (bad habit)

I know it’s a little late but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!


How i teach baby Berry to hold her bottle

Drinking milk in her car seat

At about 5 months your baby will start to clench and some will start to even hold things already. If you notice when you feed her, her hands will kinda touch the bottle. It’s her hands clenching movements. At first she will not have enough strength to hold the bottle. It’s quite heavy with all that milk πŸ˜›Β Each feed i put my baby hands on the bottle and hold her hand together with the bottle. In no time she was holding her bottle before i know it.

On the bed

Made life so much easier when she can hold her bottle. I don’t need to hold her and feed her anymore. Usually at home she will sit in her rocking chair and will hold the bottle by herself. In bed i’ll just put a pillow so her head is slightly higher and she will hold the bottle as usual. I notice that she likes to do it too after she knows that she’s holding the bottle. When babies learn something new they will always want to do it. It’s their mobility.

@ the stroller

It’s so convenient especially when you are out. I don’t have to sit somewhere to feed her first. She can drink milk on the go πŸ˜›

Bear in mind at first it’s always a little hard but all it takes is patiences. She will let go in a few seconds but i was consistent and persistent about teaching her the movement. When i go out, people see her holding her bottle will always ask me how many months is she? how did i get her to do that. It’s all about conditioning if you are trying it out, good luck!

Baby berry first flight experience

@ KLIA daddy checking us in. Ready for a 22 hour flight to Toronto, Canada. Baby berry at 5 months + and i’m ready to be the annoying parent that’s in the plane with a crying baby. Always wondered how that feel like. Finally i had that chance πŸ˜› It was a early flight and i was worried how is she going to take her naps and will she sleep like usual?!

Cathy Pacific KL-HK (small bassinet)

Lucky for me for the first half of the flight there was not much problem. We had a transit at Hong Kong, the first flight we took was a small one. This is the bassinet they provide. It was so small. Luckily she slept in it. It was only 3 and half hours flight and she took a short nap.

Transit at Hong Kong. She didn’t have enough sleep was crying while waiting. But she was all fine as we board on the next flight. Too much activity happening and she was reluctant to sleep for the longest time. But when she did she could not fine her usual or comfy spot and did cry a bit.

Cathy Pacific HK-Toronto (bigger bassinet, i would say standard size)

Thank goodness the next long flight was a big plane and had bigger bassinet. Of course we had the bulk seats (first row with leg space) Really does comes in handy when you have a baby. A lot of movements, feeding, patting, playing. Now i know how useful those seats are. I cannot imagine not sitting in one of those seats. I was prepared for almost everything that could have happened. Also want to ensure that she feels nice and comfy safe and secure so that sleeping would not be an issue (which usually is, since it’s a foreign place and all cramped up within an area) She did cry a little when she wanted to sleep but just couldn’t but right after she fell asleep, i had no problem at all. I had her blankets and cuddly bunny with her and she was nice and cozy in the bassinet. She did sleep through the night πŸ˜€Β She didn’t have any air pressure problem cause every time we take off and land i ensure that she was sucking on a pacifier and gave her a toy.

It’s winter at Toronto and it’s time to bundle her up. The plan was from airport to taxi to hotel. Canada is famous for their winter wind and when it blows it’s pretty darn cold.

Waiting for a cab. We arrived at about 7pm and it was not that cold. The weather felt like fall at the moment and i only had a sweater didn’t even need a jacket. I guess she was tired after immigration and waiting for baggage. The cold cozy weather made her sleepy πŸ˜›

Threw her on the bed once we arrived. Finally made it through the 22 hours flight without too much fuss πŸ™‚ Now it’s time to deal with jet lag, lol

Baby berry settled in nicely except for the jet lag she had for about 1 week + Other than that she’s been enjoying the fluffy soft king size bed and watching her morning cartoons πŸ™‚