Little Bean 2.4Ghz digital baby monitor

* 300 meters trasmission range
* Two-way communication
* No interference and high privacy
* 2.4 ghz digital wireless transmission
* Frequency hopping technology with FHSS
* LEDs sound bar
* Baby’s room temperature indicated in the parent unit
* Lullaby activation from receiver
* Plays 3 melodies
* Voice activation (VOX) on baby unit
* Voice activation night light
* Adaptor or battery operated
* Recharging base

Rm 299- 350 (depends where you buy, online or at a shop)

Was scouting for a baby monitor after my move and came across this one. I’ve notice before that baby monitor was kinda pricey around Rm500 and above. I thought to myself i don’t think i want to spend so much on a baby monitor. When i saw this model with the price range i thought ok i think we can give this a try.

Saw some reviews and it says 300 meters range are suitable for upstairs and downstairs usage for standard a house. Didn’t want to go high and low searching for one so just give this one a try.

The review…

It is very sensitive and very clear. When the baby move it will immediately pick up the sound. But the down part is that the parent unit volume is very low. Make sure to turn up the volume to maximum every time it’s on (even on high volume it sounds low) I was surprise how sensitive it was, so that was a plus point.

Now the down part, you can never charge both of them at the same time. The baby unit with the adapter  can never be turn on when the parent unit is charging. So.. the baby unit is the one that’s left in the room turn on all the time right. The parent unit is the one that needs to be charged. When you charge the parent unit the baby unit has to be off. And the worst thing is that the parent unit battery runs out very fast. I think probably around 3 hours. Have to charge every night and have to switch is off each time. It is such a hassle of me cause you can’t just charge it as you like otherwise it will jam the monitor. Oh ya trust me i’ve tried it.

The lullaby is super loud and the sound is too sharp, definitely can’t be use for the baby to sleep. So that feature is useless. Temperature display is good, at least you can see what is the temperature of the room is at all times when you are away. Night light is ok i guess but it can be irritating cause there will be a light on all the time. Just put it in a direction that’s not facing the bed.

Well… for the price i can’t complaint much. Otherwise i’ll have to look into those sleeker ones that will cost me Rm 799-1k. So far it does the job but i wish that Little Bean can improve on the battery life.


To pacify or not to pacify ? My experience and thoughts

All parents go through this debate of using the pacifier or not. I have to say i have nothing against people that don’t want to use it BUT i can’t stand those that are against it. They say it as if they are so proud that their baby is not using the pacifier BUT they never tell you that the baby is crying like mad because he wants to nurse (want mommy’s nipple) All they think about is that oh he always wants to nurse. Nurse to sleep nurse to calm down, what are those really? Mommy’s nipple has become a substitute for a pacifier. Does anyone realize that? I’m pretty sure no one does, because those who nurse are so proud that they are breast-feeding. It has become that a norm and they don’t feel  the baby is looking for a pacifier at all.

Facts and myth about the pacifier

Lot’s of people think that pacifier will ruining teeth or affect their speech… research first before thinking that. Most doctors find the stories of pacifiers ruining a child’s teeth or affecting speech to be unfounded. 

Pacifiers are invented in the 17th-19th centuries, way way back. Take a look who invented it and why. It’s been around for decades and it’s still going on. Why? because it works and back in the days someone actually understood how to soothe a baby.

The blame for crooked teeth

I don’t know why people blame the pacifier for their child’s crooked teeth. I guess it seems like the easiest thing to do is just to blame the pacifier. Milk teeth will fall out and replace as the child grow that is why it is recommended at the age of 1-2 years old the pacifier should be weaned off. For those who are scared they can start to wean off the pacifier when the baby is 9 months.

The fingers vs the pacifier

So no pacifier eventually babies will resort to putting hands in their mouth. Although it’s natural and it’s a phase but with no substitute it will become sucking the finger. You can controlled the pacifier but how do you control the fingers? Having the pacifier babies will still put the fingers in the mouth because of teething but at least there’s control. How do you really control the baby when he’s sucking his fingers? When baby Berry was an infant, very seldom put her fingers in the mouth on top of that i don’t give her the pacifier as a substitute. Just teething toys and always tell her not to put her hands in the mouth. She understands, don’t underestimate the baby’s mind.

My experience with baby Berry

She’s been using a pacifier since she was born. My mom is a nanny for more than 15 years and still is. As she put it, a pacifier is a tool for a baby to feel soothe and calm themselves. Once they have their soothing items the baby will feel at ease, sleep well and eat well therefore won’t be restless and crying all the time. My mom is not those old ladies that believe in traditional stuff and i’m not the type to believe in what old people say. I’ve analyze and tested it out before making my statement.

Baby Berry only uses it when she sleeps. Even from newborn once she fall asleep she will spit out the pacifier. When she was 5-9 months, when i go out she can fall asleep in the stroller even without the pacifier. All in all she’s not been a big fan of it. I still uses it because it sets a habit and letting her know once she sees it, it’s time to sleep. Having said all that a pacifier still need to be controlled with a baby. If not they will be hooked and will be difficult to weaned off later on. 

It has not affected her teeth nor her speech. She’s 16 months now and she’s a early talker. She started talking when she was 13 months. Her speech is quite clear and she know a lot of words. Now that she’s able to communicated she will ask me for the pacifier. It helps her when she’s teething and she will bite and chew on it. I like to freeze it and it will soothe her on those bad days, it eases her to sleep. I controlled the pacifier very well and she knows when she can have it and when she cannot. I don’t intend to weaned her off until all her teeth is grown out, maybe around 2 yrs old.

Few things to think about

For those who are against the pacifier think about why the baby is crying through the night or when he wants to sleep. All the baby is looking for is a soothing item and by not giving it the baby naturally it will continue crying. If not just whip out your nipple every time it want to be soothe and say the baby is hooked on nursing.

Breastfeeding babies can be pacify too. Don’t think that once you breast feed your baby can’t use a pacifier, they can. I have friends that does that, no problem. In fact it eases them especially in the middle of the night. Instead of nursing the baby back to sleep just pop back in the pacifier and pat the baby back to sleep.

If you have difficulty putting the pacifier in the baby mouth, be patient. No newborn will just suck it immediately, it takes time and they need to learn. Baby Berry was the same took her a few weeks before she got the hang of it. Same goes for my friend’s baby took her awhile for her daughter to get it too. So don’t think it can’t be done because it CAN.

After all this is just my thoughts and my opinion, still the choice is yours. I’m sharing this because i feel the pacifier is hated on. I think it need more benefit of the doubt and people should know why and how to use if they wanted to and not because of what other people say. Experiment it yourself and be the judge of it. Good luck!

Sippy cups, which one is right for your growing baby?

Sippy cups can be introduce to a baby as early as 6 months. It’s good to start training  your baby to switch from a bottle to a cup. Start with putting water in it and juice. They can slowly get use to the idea from a bottle to a  cup as they grow up.

Why do you want to introduce a sippy cup to your baby? It’s a good transition from drinking from a bottle especially when they turn 1 year old. Although some people may think it’s useless. Then be prepare to have a toddler that might still be stuck with a bottle when they are 4-5 years old. It’s a phase and i think it’s good to introduce this transition… out of the baby stage. You don’t have to do it when they are 6 months but at least once they turn 12 months it’s time for a change. You may not seen it yet, but once you bring your baby out to socialize your baby might be the only one that’s drink water from a bottle while others are using sippy cup. Then you would feel how come he has not move on to sippy yet.

 Sippy cut with a straw

Some people may not know but your 6 month old baby can sip from a straw. The technique is the same as sucking from a bottle. It’s natural to them. So if you have not let your baby try sipping from a straw maybe it’s time to give it a try.

Baby Berry started on a sippy cup at 6 months but it took her awhile to control the straw and the water would over flow and she would play with the water. By the way the baby will choke a little when they drink cause they don’t know how to control when they sip. No worries they will get the hang of it real fast.

It was good when baby Berry was 6 months and started on her solids this is a good transition from bottle water to sippy cup water. Babies love to try new things. The down side is that the straw sippy cup when she drink after she eat there will be back wash into the cup. After each meal you would have to change the water and rinse the straw. Most straw sippy cup is not leak proof.

  Nuby leak proof straw sippy cup

I’ve read that this is a very good leak proof straw sippy cup. Hopefully it’s doesn’t wash back her food when she drink from it. I have yet seen this brand in Malaysia but i’ve seen it in Canada. Should have bought it when i was there. Now i’m out to scout for this cup 😛

 Avent sippy cup (BPA free) 12 months + 7 oz 

I heard that Avent sippy cup is pretty good so i decided to give it a try.

At first baby Berry was just biting the spout. She didn’t really like it i guess the spout is a little funny and it’s hard. The good thing is that the spout is all detachable so it’s easy washing and it is sold as an accessory. So when your pout is worn out, easily can be changed.

My favorite part of this cup is that when she drink after her meal or in between her meal, no food is wash back into the cup. I don’t need to change the water and maybe just rinse the pout. So far this is the cup i prefer for her BUT having said that, i think she prefers to drink from a straw 😦  So far this has been my favorite sippy cup among the sippy cups that i’ve tested.

 Avent insulated big zippy (BPA free) 18 months+ 9 oz

Isn’t it cute? I hope baby Berry will soon get the hang of the spout then we can change to a bigger bottle. At the moment the smaller sippy cup is not enough for her to go through the day. Have to refill and it is inconvenient when we go out.

  Fogoo thermos sippy 7 oz

Stainless steel leak proof and insulated, good for drinking milk when you are transiting from a bottle to a cup. It can be kept warm or cold. This design is with a pout they also have a design with a straw. There are good reviews about this cup and my friend also uses it. She said it’s good for drinking milk. As for water most of us would prefer a clear bottle instead. Good for countries that need to keep some warm water or cold juices. Best part it’s stainless steel.

 The Safe sippy pout to straw 8 oz

I bought this cup very early on in fact i think it was my first one. This is not a cheap sippy cup. It cost me around Rm 69. It’s a’ little costly because it’s stainless steel and it has 2 changeable spout, from a  pouring spout to a straw. And it comes with a stopper. But i’m so disappointed at this cup. Although it seems like it has promising features, but it’s leaky and why do they give a different valve as a stopper ? It just didn’t make any sense. You would have to remove the straw or pouring valve to put the stopper in if you don’t want it to leak. Just not user friendly at all.

The only thing i like about it is the hard pout. All you need to do is just change the straw from the inside or the pouring valve.

To sum it up, you can either start your baby with a straw sippy or a pout sippy doesn’t matter, all depends on what your baby prefers and what works for you.

How to start your baby to recognize her own facial and body parts

You can start your baby as early as 6 months to teach her words. Start of with her face. Use her hands and point at her nose and tell her it’s her nose, mouth, eyes, ears, head, hair and so on. 

It takes lot’s of patiences and repetitive actions through out the day so that she can remember. Babies has short term memory. Having said that doesn’t mean you have to be obsessed with it. And a baby only has so much patiences to listen at one time. What i do is that my whole family including my mom, dad and hubby we play with her asking her where’s her nose all the time (and of course other body parts) so it’s like a game for her. By the time baby Berry was 7 months she already know her facial parts. Slowly from 1-2 parts a day and once she got it you will have to go through the first 2 parts and add another part. Bare in mind that each time you teach her the parts you always have to go through the parts that she already known. 

Babies are edgar to learn and can soak up like a sponge. At the same time you can also show her pictures and point what it is. Even though they can’t talk they can point at the pictures when you ask them where is the apple. They start with recognizing pictures.

Baby Berry loves her books since she was 6 months. When she was about 7 months she can even flip each page from a broad book as if she’s reading it. By the time she was about 9 months she know all her face and body parts when asked. Now that she’s 15 months she will point at the eyes and say eyes, nose, mouth etc. Not only that she can even point at a stuff toy and say the face and body parts. Moving on with body parts will be pictures and once they get the hang of it they pick up quite fast.

Some say she’s a early talker but i think being consistent through out the process helps and don’t be afraid to start off early. Don’t under estimate the baby’s mind. Although they can’t talk or express themselves yet at a young age but when they do they will surprise you.


Quick tip, baby wipes!

Did you know besides poopy wipes there are wipes for babies hand and mouth? Well i guess lately these wipes are everywhere. Before that i have not seen these wipes at all. Pigeon has come out with them, i think 2 pack for Rm9.90.

Johnsons and Johnsons has them too, but i’ve yet to try them out. I think i saw them in the supermarket going for Rm 3.00 + for 1 packet, which is quite a good price.

Before all of those wipes came out my first buy is from First Years, pacifier wipes which is the same. It was really convenient when i’m out to wipe anything for the baby. As you know babies need to be super clean most of the times. On top of that it can wipe pacifiers and nipples. This was selling at Rm 9.90 for 1 packet, which is a little pricey they only have 30 wipes. These wipes can go fast.

It can be use to wipe down anything else when you are out and about with the baby. I simply can’t live without it.

There are also boogie wipes hehe. Yes it’s for the nose. It’s great when babies has a runny nose. The wipe pick up the mucus easily without drying out baby skin. Unfortunately it’s not available in Malaysia. I got this when i was in Canada and it was really good for the nose. You can even use the wipe to clean the baby nose.

I also tried tooth wipes hehe. When i had a hard time cleaning baby Berry’s mouth i’ll just use the tooth tissue to clean her tongue and rub her gums and teeth. The tissue will pick up the dirt and you can see a stain that comes out from it. I quite like it ^_^

Just found out available at Mothercare at Rm 24+

Well this is just a quick tip to let people know that they are all types of wipes out there. Don’t be mistaken that nappy wipes can wipe hand and mouth cause they can’t. It’s only for cleaning the bum it is not safe for the mouth. 

I will clean baby Berry’s hands when she’s done sitting in a high chair, playing or simply just pick up anything dirty.

Sleep sheep cloud b, review

 Sleep sheep   National Parenting Center Seal of Approval • 2006 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice • iParenting Award Winner
Good Housekeeping Editor’s Choice • Baby Talk Editor’s Choice

I’m pretty sure everyone saw this little sheep while shopping for baby stuff. It comes with a variety of other animals for different sounds. I’ve always wonder does the so-called soothing sounds work? I mean it’s not a cheap gadget to try out here and there. I recall seeing it in Mothercare and other baby stores for around Rm 350+ not something you would simply buy.

 Mini size sleep sheep

When i saw this at ToysRus having a sale on the go version i can’t resist and just had to try it out. Baby Berry never really had a sleeping problem. She can soothe herself to sleep and occasionally will refuse to take a nap. So i wasn’t sure how was it going to work on her or not.

It comes with 4 soothing sounds: stream, rain, ocean waves and whale sounds. A auto timer for 23 mins and 45 mins. A velcro tab to secure anywhere on the go.


I have to say every since i use the sleep sheep for baby Berry to sleep or nap, she does sleep faster. Last time she would roll around on the bed for half an hour and now most likely 10-15 mins. She would play with it press the buttons and eventually just doze off. She likes it a lot. The material is nice and soft just like any plush toy. She knows that the sounds are coming from the sheep she would fiddle with it.

Usually i put ocean waves for her but lately she found a new sound which is the water streaming and she doze off after pressing that button. I like how it has a auto timer so just leave it and it will just shut off by itself. She’s so use to it when it’s time to nap, she would bring me the sleep sheep then i’ll turn it on. I think it’s a good structure cause it tells her it’s time to sleep.

I did bring it out with me when i go out. She gets a little restless in the car seat at times so i thought maybe the sleep sheep can help. Well… i think it did. I think once she hear the sounds it’s like a signal for her to sleep. Eventually she doze off and it didn’t take long. I also took it along with me when i go shopping. She was relax in the stroller and calm.

For those with who has a hard time putting the baby to sleep, maybe this is worth a try. The soothing sound of nature actually have a have a calming effect. Good luck!

Beaba Babycook, review


If you have not heard about this little gadget it’s a cool little steamer and blender for your little one. It’s made from France and now available worldwide. So if you hear anything that’s made in France… means it is a little costly. But before you make up your mind, let me finish my review first before pass any judgement.

This is the complete set for Rm 699. I agree it’s a hefty price tag for a baby cook but in my opinion it’s worth it. The quality and design is excellent. A lot of baby food maker out there is just a hand blender or just a blender but this one does the steaming for you. When the food is cooked it’s not too hot so your baby don’t have to wait for it to cool down (but of course always check the temperature first before feeding the baby)

 I never thought i needed a baby cook cause baby Berry eat porridge at home. But now that i’m away i needed fresh baby food for her and started to look at the baby cook seriously.

At first i was so reluctant to buy, not only it’s expensive what if it’s such a hassle to make the baby food then i would not use it and it’s wasted. So i did some research and watch some you tube videos had more information about it only then i had the confident to purchase it. I must say it was no regrets.

Portion set

It was so easy to use and make, what was i thinking. Just turn the dial to the left for steaming then follow the easy instruction of removing the food into the container turn the dial to the left and blend. That’s right easy as 1,2,3.

Freezer tray

Besides the portion set freezer tray are the most common way to store baby food. That’s right, in case you didn’t know all you need to do is to make your baby food once or twice a week and just freeze it. Pop one portion out and put it in the portion set container or any container that can fit into the Beaba and steam it.

I find that the Beaba accessories are a little too pricey. I have to admit that the design is great and all but some accessories are just not needed. It’s more of fashion than function 😛 This is just one of the baby cubes that i’m using and there are lot’s out there that are very affordable.

Other freezer alternatives

Baby cubes

I bought this at ToysRus for $7.99 (70ml) I prefer the cubes than a tray, it’s more convenient and useful for me. I just put 1 cube into the Beaba and steam and pour it out on the bowl. For bigger portions i feed directly from the container. I made sure that the container fit inside the Beaba. This is very convenient when i travel or go out. Just bring 1 or 2 cubes with you and just microwave when the baby want to eat (sit at Starbucks or while you eat just ask the restaurant to microwave it for you)

Lunch box

Today i went to William Sonoma and thought i wanted to buy this lunch box and i can’t believe that it’s so big. It comes with a plate a bowl and fork and spoon together with the cover. All of them are stackable but the size is just ridiculous. It’s definitely too big to bring out and i don’t need such a compact set up if i’m using it at home.

Cons: the size

It’s just too big. It can be use for a toddler only. You won’t be able to use it when your 6 month old is eating solids. The size is just too big, not appropriate for a infant. Can’t get maximum usage out of it.


I thought the design is good. All 3 items can be put in together: bowl, plate and utensils. On top of that it’s stackable (would be great if it’s smaller then it’s compact) It says that it can keep food warm for a few hours.  I definitely don’t doubt the quality but need improvement on the lunch box.

My first trial

I made chicken with broccoli. Yes it can even cook poultry that was my main concern before buying. I want it able to steam meat. Blending is control manually so that you can adjust the consistency. I made this a little grainy cause baby Berry is already 13 months.

I have made, sweet potato, carrots, fish, spinach and potatoes. I don’t really have any recipes just research online. Definitely check out momtastic. I think they have a lot of useful information. Beaba has their own recipe book but the price of the book is just ridiculous. It’s common baby food recipe you can find online for free.

Don’t forget you can also make fruit puree for your little one when they are 4 months old.

  Rice/pasta cooker

Hubby bought this but i return it back. It’s an insert to cook rice, pasta and grains. I’ve never used it but just didn’t think it was necessary at the time being. On top of that it has bad reviews of the rice not being cooked. If i really need it later on i’ll do my research first before buying it again. They have more interesting accessories that you might want to research before buying.


All in all although it might be a little pricey i think it made up for it’s convenient and quality. Feeding your baby healthy baby food is just never the same again. Trust me i know. I’m very lucky baby Berry eat jar supermarket baby food. I’ve tried all the brands from Heinz to Gerber and some Organic brand,Canada brand she eat all of them. So did i… and it just taste nasty. Ever since i bought the Beaba and see how fresh and healthy the food is compare to the supermarket ones. You will look at those can baby food in a different way.

I would highly recommend to mothers like myself which does not know much about cooking or even their way around the kitchen 😛 This little cooker does it all. I don’t have to use the stove or the microwave (which is not recommended to microwave baby food unless you really have to) So you don’t have to know how to cook. Just buy fresh produce chop it in little pieces and pop it in. Have fun!