Too Face Smokey Eye Collection *new, review

My first Too Face product. Always wonder how are their quality other than their shadow insurance (which i will try when i finish my UD primer potion) They have a couple of these palette sets in Natural Eye palette and Naked Eye palette but since i already have Urban Decay Naked i opt of their smokey palette. I’ve yet have a smokey collection.

Comes with 9 complimentary colors. Looks great no matter how you mix and match. I must say i am impress with the quality. It’s pigmented and at a reasonable price. Tried it on my mom went she had an event and it lasted her whole night without anything fading. She had pretty oily lids. Every time she comes back she will give me feedback on the products this time there were no complaints. I did a classic smokey eye on her, looks great.

  Wearing Maxim circle lens in brown.

My go to are the browns ^_^ What can i say… i just love my browns. Take it from day to night in a flash. Palette size is perfect for traveling and even for everyday you can put it in your handbag. Never know just in case you need to spice up the look for the evening. Colors are great, from neutral browns to a little purple and smokey, great variety.

Available at Sephora at around Rm 70 +

If you think Urban Decay Naked is a little pricey or not available check out their version of Naked Eye and Neutral Eye.

19 Weeks preggers, can’t maintain the body but i try to maintain the face, lol.

Face: Make Up Forever HD foundation

Eyebrows: Empro no.2

Cheeks: Smashbox Radiance

Eyes: Lid: Cloves, outter v: Up in smokes, highlight: Daylight

Eyeliner: Make Up Forever waterproof liquid Aqua liner in black


Make Up Forever Aqua eyes pencil, review

I’ve never had a favorite eye liner and this has gotta be my holy grail of eye liners. It comes in a variety of colors. It doesn’t smudge, transfer or leak. Although i’ve tried Urban Decay glide on liners and Stila kajal liner nothing compare to these. Not too soft nor too hard and stays on forever. If you think if it stays on forever it must be hard to remove. Nop! not at all. Any normal make up remover will do the job.

 Black and brown

The most used colors in liners. Brown for a more subtle and day look and black for night or a more define look. Great on waterline (upper or lower), it won’t leak or smudge at all. Last all day. It’s especially great if you wear contacts so even with a few of re wetting drops nothing moves. A must have! Of course if you want a intense look you would still have to go for liquid or cream liners which i’ll be doing a review on soon ^_^

Available at Sephora.

KLCC kiosk in front of the escalator either 2nd or 3rd floor.

Make Up Forever HD foundation & HD Primer, the real review

So there are many reviews out there about this foundation. This is my take on it.

Light to medium coverage. The reason many people either hate this or love this foundation. When people see HD they expect to have full coverage. I was one of them but i wanted to try it out for myself and see.

My results: It’s definitely light coverage in my opinion but it is buildable so it can go to a medium coverage. It won’t look cakey if you apply extra on spots and red areas. For that i would say it’s a plus unlike other foundations it will look cakey if you apply too much. I do like it as my everyday foundation and i have slight redness on my cheeks it still covers.

The texture goes on quite sheer and very smooth. I think it could be great for everyday wear and it looks very natural. If you are looking for full coverage then this might not be for you. So don’t let the HD fool you thinking that it’s full coverage. For people that has normal skin or doesn’t need much coverage this is definitely for you.

I think that they mean when they put HD is that high definition so that the skin look flawless and smooth just like on tv. I guess a lot of people has high expectation in this foundation thinking since it’s HD it must be full coverage or something like MAC studio fix. So love it or hate it decide for yourself 😛

I have to say i love this primer. If you’ve tested it on your hand it applies like a cream then it dries with a smooth finish. It prep your skin with a nice smooth canvas for your foundation to go on. It fills out your fine lines and pores. I bought the clear color.

It comes with a variety of colors in case you need to correct any discoloration in your face, if you are on the redder tone or yellow but if you don’t have just go with the clear color one.

What can i say about a primer? It does what it does and you can really see the difference. I was using Laura Mercier primer before and i can’t really see the difference but with this one i really can. I can see how nice and smooth when it’s paired with the HD foundation. Not to say it must go with the HD foundation but the primer really prep the skin well.

There’s a whole HD line that you can try out. My friend has the HD loose powder and she says it’s very fine and the application is very sheer and very nice.

I hear good things about the HD cream blushes too i think i’m gonna try it out. I’m a fan of cream blushes and it’s difficult to find good cream blushes. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

Eyebrows, i brows…..

Eyebrows come in many shapes sizes and colors. It is one the features that’s very important to the face because it’s the “frame” of your face.Different shape and color can make a person look soft or strong. I’m sure a lot of girls are trying to find the perfect eyebrow shape and color that suits them.

Standard brow

This is the standard brow shape. It’s natural suit all ages and it never goes out of style. It follows your natural brow shape and define the arch along the way to make the standard brow.

  • Thin brow can make you look older
  • Thick brow i don’t know why would anyone want a thick brow? (it’s very 80″s)
  • Straight brow…. why?!

There are more shapes that i can go on and on but you get the idea.

To define the arch use a pencil or a brush to angle it against your pupil just like the picture above. After you have identify the arch, use a brow pencil and softly fill it in. If any mistakes just use a Q tip with some concealer to clean the mistake.

Be careful while drawing the arch if it’s too pointy it can make you look mean. You want it to be slightly rounded but still have the shape. Practice makes perfect.


The color should always match your hair. If you dyed your hair brown don’t draw your brow with a black pencil. Wouldn’t that be weird? Pluck or shave off the baby hair around the area then use a brown pencil to fill it in. Best to use 2 shades lighter than your hair color so by the time it’s filled in it’s just the right color. Bear in mind that you still have your own brows there the color will blend together. It’s the same theory for light hair and dark hair.

If you have black hair you should not use black pencil as i mention above it should be 2 shades lighter than your hair. The most natural color should be gray for black hair and for brown hair it should be light brown pencil.

 Ayumi Hamasaki

For most Asians these days their hair is dyed brown and your brows need to match your hair color. You can see how natural that look. Imagine she had black brows, it would be just weird. If you dyed your hair red or auburn color there are eyebrow colors out there with a reddish tone to it (brownish red tone)

My recommendation for eyebrow pencils are Empro. They have all the colors i mention above and it’s easy to draw. 

MAC 130 short duo fibre brush, review

A short, round, flat-topped brush ideal for the smooth, easy application of foundations, creams, emulsions, and select powder products. Features a blend of natural bristles and synthetic fibres.

After using 187 brush and liked it so so much i wanted something that’s more precise. I know that they have a smaller version of the 187 (which is the MAC 188 brush) but i felt that i needed the bristles to be shorter so that i can stipple it on tighter on to the skin. I guess MAC must have thought about that too cause they made one with shorter bristle ;P This was exactly what i wanted. I was so happy when i saw it on their website.

Although the material and texture is the same as the 187 brush but you can’t use the 187 to pack on smaller areas. The 187 brush is too sparse. In fact i wished they have a bigger version of the 130. The shorter bristle is definitely better to pack on foundation, blush,concealer, bronzer, etc.

I really like it because the shorter bristle can make stippling on easier and your make up stick to the skin tighter (if you know what i mean) Although the 187 is great but i find that the bristle is a little too long. I prefer something that’s more dense so that i can really pack on the foundation nicely. That’s because i feel it would do wonders when i do bridal make up where by i need to pack on full coverage foundation on my clients and it would sit nicely on the skin looking flawless and lasting 🙂

Having said that doesn’t mean i don’t like like the 187 it’s still a great brush. It is great for normal application cause it’s light and it’s gives a flawless finished. I know there are other brands out there that has the shorter bristle dense foundation brush i just need to know where to find it 😛 In Malaysia there’s not much choice people here are not willing to pay so much for a make up brush so not a lot of brands are available here.

I love to use the 130 to pack on concealer and blush. It’s perfect for those small areas and it’s precise, and it’s great for contouring too. Just like the 187 it can be use with cream, liquid and powder formula. So for me this is a must have brush in my book. The downside is that it is a little pricey. I forgot how much it was but it was around Rm 120+ but less than Rm 150. I don’t really own a lot of brushes but i choose what’s most practical for me and i always prefer quality.

If you haven’t notice i prefer to stipple on my make up then just brushing it on because i feel the application is more natural, better control and a flawless finished. It sits better onto the skin and minimizes the chance of it being streaky and not enough blending. Before purchasing any brush think about what you need it for and what type you prefer before making the decision happy shopping 🙂

Romantic purple and pink eyes

One of my favorite colors, purple and pink ^_^ I love these 2 colors together it gives that sweet and soft feel to the eye and also perfect for that bridal look too 🙂


Urban Decay primer potion

Book of shadows vol 2 – sphynx and ecstasy

Stila kajal khol liner in black on the upper and lower waterline

Any type of liquid liner

Natural fake lashes


Laura Mercier silk cream foundation

Blush – NYX pinch

Lips – Benefit lipstick in i do i do i do

Gloss – NYX frosted beige

Natural with the hint of romance 😉

CanMake cream blusher, review

The face for CanMake brand, Lena Fujii.

She’s a regular on Vivi magazine. A very popular Japanese magazine for fashion, make up and all things beauty.

If you’ve been to Sasa you would notice that this brand has been standing in their counters for some time. I’ve always been wondering what is the quality of this Japanese brand. Sasa was having a promotion with CanMake so i thought i’ll try out some of their products. I’ve heard that their cream blushes are really soft and smooth.

This is the display at Sasa. There are 6 colors to choose from and i’ve swatch some on my hands and i was really impressed. All the colors are really nice and the texture…. OMG so smooth. Although you can see some glittery particles in the blush but when you put it on you can’t really see it. I think that’s how they have that slight shinny/glowy effect. No worries about glittery shinny texture it’s not like that at all.

This was the only color left with the promo. It comes with a 2 color eye shadow which i thought it’s a great way to try out their eye shadow as well. I’ve only tried using the eye shadow once so i can’t say much on it. So far am liking it too 😛 That would be another review next time.

Color in 05

My picture here is a little shadowed and the color look intense, actually it does not really look that orange. It’s just a peachy color and it does give that nice glow to it. This color look really natural on me, just like being kiss by the sun 🙂 (im fair, for reference)

As you can see the swatch it’s a nice peachy color. Blends really well and i can’t say enough how smooth the texture is. I think i’m going to go back and get the pinky color. I really like the 01 color. I think 2-3 pinks and 2 peachy colors. All the colors are gorgeous and more or less the tones are either lighter or darker from each other. If you want that Japanese look with that cute pinky or peachy cheeks this is definitely worth trying out. The intensity is good as well, a little goes a long way. It lasted me all day plus i went salsa dancing at night by the time i reach home it was still nice, nothing faded. I’ve put it to the test. Wore it out the whole day and sweat throughout.

You can see how natural that is, just that nice sun kissed glow.

The price is about Rm 45.90 can’t really remember exactly how much but in that range. The products are not very cheap but the quality is pretty good, worth trying. I wanted to buy one of their lip gloss but they were out of stock for the color i wanted 😦 I definitely will try out more stuff from their line.

*Should always set it with a powder for long wearing and it will help absorb oil throughout the day.