Maternity support belt, review

So your stomach is getting big and maybe even before that your lower back is starting to stress you out. The agony and pain that you been suffering throughout the day…. fear not! the support belt can help.

I’ve been having lower back pain for quite sometime since i was pregnant. Didn’t think much of it and i guess at that time it was not so painful as in now. Before your stomach becomes big sometimes the lower back can be a little stressful but still bearable. Well… at least till the 3rd trimester when it’s no longer bearable. I’ve had pain since i wake up and through out the day all i did was just hanging in the house. I’ve heard people saying that the support belt helps, so immediately i went looking for it. Went to a few baby shops but sadly none of them carry the support belt. Until finally came across Mamour at 1Utama.

This is exactly what i wanted. There are 2 types. One of them is like a tube on the stomach. It’s also call the support belt/tummy. Straps are adjustable on both ends.

  Maternity belt

When i saw this i was thinking how can this support my back?? It’s just a piece of cloth that wrap around the stomach. Then when the sales girl show me the belt…. now that’s what I’m talking about. I know some people actually will wear two of them together for better support. For me i don’t like anything that wraps around my stomach. Kinda feel itchy and hot. But of course if you want support or to cover your tummy you can definitely try this one. Most shops will have this maternity belt.

I’ve research and was expecting that this belt would cost around Rm 200++ but to my surprise that this one that i found was only Rm 79.99. Well i’m pretty sure the more expensive ones are organic and special type of material but at this moment i’m not choosy whatever works. There’s a size chart there make sure you get the right size and don’t feel shy to try it out. I did and immediately i wore it 😛 I can’t believe it just relieve the pain right away. If i only knew this earlier with my first pregnancy. Also went through the same pain as early as 5 months into the pregnancy. So if you are thinking whether to try it out or not i would say yes if you are having lower back pain. Definitely can feel the improvement. So far it’s been working out really well for me.

I only wear it when i’m out on my feet and on days when it’s just too painful even at home. You do not want to cramp the baby just in case. Although it’s rested below the belly but if you are carrying low the baby might be kicking.



Sharing my amnio experience

I’m in my 2nd pregnancy and was happy to able to conceive as hubby and i planned. Had a very sick 1st trimester but right after that i’m back to normal. Went for my monthly check up as usual, on the 17 weeks of my pregnancy it was time for my blood test. Had four types and one of them was for down syndrome. Doctor recommended it due my 2nd pregnancy and my age i should take more precaution.

Down syndrome blood test is just a screening test, not accurate (around 90%) but will come  back with a percentage of risk that the baby may have down syndrome. So that you can make a decision if you want to take a further detail test which is Amniocentesis. Usually recommended to women that’s over 35 that has higher risk but usually women that’s after 30 should also take the test if the screening comes back with a risk. I read most of down syndrome affect woman starting the age of 30. I’m 33 now and when i had my 1st baby doctor didn’t ask me to take the test only this time around. I had my first child at age 31-32.

My blood test result

My blood test came back 2% risk which caught me off hand. Went to the doctor with hubby and had a discussion. My doctor told me that it’s a low risk but of course there’s always a chance cause the screening test came back with that risk. So as a doctor, he need to let me know and it was my choice if i wanted to take it further or not. According to him so far all the ultrasound looks ok, no thick neck, backbone looks fine but if i wanted to be sure i need to take the amnio test. Which i know hubby and i would definitely want to know for sure.

3 Major chromosomes that’s tested for down syndrome

My doctor told me the most important chromosomes that need to be tested is 13, 18 and 21. These are the major chromosomes that will cause birth defects. Amnio test will test these 3 chromosomes.

I’m terrified of pain and doc told me that it was painless even less painful than blood test. As he put it it’s just the long needle and the thought of it going through the stomach that’s scary. Other than that it takes less than 5 mins and it’s done.

The experience

He will use the ultrasound to scan and i can see the whole process. I was so nervous that i told doc, just do it i’m gonna close my eyes, haha. Hubby was there sitting far away, lol. Doc was explaining the whole process while he was taking the fluid. The doctor will see through the ultrasound, make sure the baby is not there and absorb the liquid next to the baby. When it was about to finish i open my eyes and saw yellow liquid put into the tube. It was really no pain at all. Although i read online that some feel uncomfortable during the withdraw of the liquid. It was really less than 5 mins and it was done. Doc put a plaster where the needle was inserted and told me i can take it off after 2 days. Gave me 2 day antibiotic and pain killers in case i have any pain. I got so nervous and kept on asking him I’m gonna have stomach pain! ? he said JUST IN CASE.

I was planning to move to my new house at the end of the week because of the test i need to reschedule my moving date. Need to rest for at least a week or 2, you know just in case 😛 No hardcore stuff just lie in bed and rest. Doc told me i would get my results for the 13,18 and 21 chromosomes within 48 hours. That is the fast result which i had to pay extra. Just the amnio cost Rm 1k but hubby and i were impatient people we paid extra Rm 800 for the fast result. Still need to wait 3 weeks for the full detail but usually when the 3 important chromosomes come out ok everything should be ok. Bear in mind this price is for Ipoh Fatima Hospital. Check with your doctor how much they charge first but for amnio usually 1K ++ standard. Altogether i paid Rm 1,800 plus doctor’s fees.

Small risk of miscarriage

Doc did inform us that by taking the amnio test will have a small risk for miscarriage but so far whatever he has done it has not happen on his hands (that’s why it’s small risk) This is the so-call side effects that might happen. Just rest for a week or two and don’t stress yourself.

After 3 weeks full report came out and it’s clear, everything is ok ^_^ At times like this, money need to be spend to ensure and know what you might be facing.

Final thought

Some people may think that doesn’t matter even though the baby has down it make no difference cause i won’t abort it. I feel differently, even though you don’t mind taking care of a down syndrome baby but i would not want to see my child in pain like that the rest of his/her life.

Having the amnio test prepare you and let you know what you might be facing in the future. I know a lot of people is too scared therefore they don’t even want to do the test. Think twice before making that decision.

Are you losing that baby phat?

Do you look like that after giving birth? Or feel fat and unattractive? I say yes to both of them. If you still having the “pregnancy pouch” don’t get yourself down, there is still hope 🙂

I’m sure a lot of people like me after 7 months still have that pregnancy pouch. I’ve lost the water and i guess some degree of baby weight but the tummy is still there. Well… i ain’t going to lie, i put on some weight when i went to Canada. Just the other day i just weigh myself it was the same as before i left. SO the weight pretty much just stayed at my stomach 😛

Exercise!? Are you kidding me?

As difficult as it is, exercising is the best, healthiest and fastest way to lose the weight if you have determination and discipline. It’s easier said than done 😛 First of, you need to choose a type of exercise that suit you. Something that you will know that you like and don’t drag going. If you think you’re going to the gym to lose weight and it’s so boring and you don’t like all the things that’s done there. I can assure that not before long, the gym membership will be sitting there wasted!

Yoga or aerobics

If you like aerobics or yoga sign up for it (if it’s cheaper with a gym membership, then by all means but don’t think you will do the gym stuff cause you won’t) Just go with the mind set to aerobics and yoga. You would probably stick with it a little longer than expected. I’ve sign up for yoga classes it was so boring that i dread going and end up didn’t even finish the whole course (this is what i mean, be realistic)

Belly dancing or any type of dance activity

For those who don’t know, i’ve been passionate about dancing for quite some time already. I could have done more if i was in KL but i’m in Ipoh now so my choices are limited. I tried belly dancing and boy! was i in love more like loving how much it made me sweat like a pig. I’m the type that seldom sweat after a badminton game. With belly dancing 5 minutes for warm up, i was already sweating like a pig. I didn’t even know i can sweat this much. The experience for me by far it’s the best. Twice a week for one month i’ve lost 2-3 kgs. The most important part is that the exercise is concentrated at the mid section. I tell you it goes from the arms and thighs as well and it’s fun. Trust me, no one is looking at you. Everyone is trying to do what the instructor is doing. With all the ladies there 40 and above with their hot bod, i feel even more motivated 🙂 If you’re thinking i don’t know how to move or i can’t dance. Hello! that’s why they are call classes…. so that people can learn 😛 So if you are one of those, stop giving excuses and just do it! (really like that Nike slogan)

Slimming centers or supplementary diet food

I’ve never been a fan for supplementary diet food (eg: herbal life, total life etc) Can never deal with the drink or weird stuff in the whole package and routine. The thought of it just makes me want to puke already. I know there were people out there with good success but it’s not for me. I was curious about slimming centers and i did give it ago. Tried that once many years ago (way before i was preggers) and i just want to know is it a gimmick or does it really work? There were so many of them out there i just need to find out the truth. If there’s so many of them booming i suppose there must be some thing that they are doing that is right, cause it ain’t cheap. The results for me….. it did work. It does help the body to lose excess water weight and perhaps crush the fatty cells so that you can sweat it out, burn faster. It’s the same as going to the gym, you need to work out more so that the fat cells will burn. With the help with machines, it’s doing it for you. One good thing about it is that can you choose a targeted area. My arms and back was slimmer. Definitely got out all my baby water weight out. It was a good start to get your body into working mode. For 9 months your body has not really sweat or been doing any hard core exercise. Having said that, you also need to control your diet when slimming. A lot of people mistaken that it’s OK to eat cause i’m going to get rid of the fat later on with the machine. With that, they can’t really see the results. The key thing is “maintain” just like any other type of exercise. After you lose the weight, maintain otherwise you will revert back the same.

Don’t forget that a proper healthy diet. Don’t skip meals as you will be even hungrier later on. Eat small portions and if you can less oily or fried food.Less carbs and take less things that has high calories (eg: soda and coffee) Try to be aware of what you’re eating it does matter. I’m not a big fan of diet plans but knowing what you eat does really help losing that baby phat 😛

The important thing is that find something that you know you will do that suit your lifestyle so that you know that you will keep on doing it 🙂

I had my baby the painless way, part 2

Continuation of part 1

Date set

My doctor had 3 patient that day, all C section I told him that i wanted to be the first one. I had to go in 2 hours before which was 6 am, my surgery was at 8:10 am. I had to fast for 8 hours. Your stomach have to be empty for any type of surgery. Well… i was prepared to sleep by 11 pm, needless to say how can i sleep?! I was so anxious, nervous, scared and probably was excited but i was just too scared, didn’t feel the excitement. My hubby and i got to the hospital at 6 am, we were the only ones there. At the maternity ward and saw a few babies, awwww….. then the nurses called me, c’mon let’s get your prepared. I was like what?

They took my temperature, check my baby’s heartbeat, shave you (you need to be very clean, they use a disposable razor and you should shower before hand). One thing i didn’t expect, the nurse told me that she’s going to pump something into my butt and ask me wait for awhile then i need to pass motion. Your body need to be cleansed before surgery. So then, i felt so violated i had a thing that stuck up my butt and pump in some liquid and before i know it i felt stomach ache and need to shit. After that, hubby and i was at my bed and we were waiting for time to pass. 7am and the nurses came inside the room for the other patient to serve breakfast (i had a 5 person room). My heart was racing, palms was sweaty. The clock seems to be ticking so fast. At 7:30 a nurse and a dude came in, looks like they are wheeling me out, OMG!

Into the lift, 1st floor “operation theater” said goodbye to hubby. Now i really know what is the true feeling of anxiety.  I had to change bed, so they just move me over from bed to bed then into the operation theater which then they move me on top of the table. It was freaking cold. A lot of nurses were there greeting each other morning and asking how was your weekend. Then the anesthesiologist came and talk to me. How are you this morning? I replied, really scared, lol. He told me nothing to be afraid of.  I was so scared until i was shivering. Then the anesthesiologist ask me, why are you so scared? I replied cause i’m terrified of pain. Then he told me, there’s no pain, now you don’t have to be scared. If you are shaking i can’t give you the spinal block, he said. That shot has to be very still so he get the right place. Otherwise he told me, we have to go full anesthetic.  My doctor told me it’s better not to have full anesthetic cause when you wake up it will be more painful. It is better to have half body you are well aware of what is happening, able to see the baby when it first come out and let the anesthetic to slowly wear off. Straight away i told myself, OK i have to calm down, i stop shivering immediately, lol. I didn’t even feel the injection. Maybe my body is numb cause i was too scared.

The surgery

My doctor started to chit chat with me. I guess trying to calm me down so that i’m not so nervous. He will start to tap my legs and ask me if i can feel anything. Slowly within seconds, from my toes i can’t feel anything anymore. Then he told me he will insert a tube into my bladder i forgot what is it called, the thing that let the urine out while doing surgery. That is why your body needs to be clean and empty during surgery (this applies to all types of surgery)

I asked him, what happens if half way through i feel pain? He told me, no problem we have the gas straight away we will knocked you out cold. That gas mask was just right next to my face. Actually i feel very calm after knowing that. They have already prepared in case anything happen. I had a drip on my left arm and a thing that monitor my heart beat. I had to turn my face on the right. They will put up a screen in front of my face. Basically it’s a lot of cloth, you can’t see anything in front. All i can see is people walking around and the clock. There were lot’s of clock in the room, hehe.

I started to feel my body was shaking and shivering which is normal. The feeling is like you are very cold with no clothes on. The spinal block will have this effect. I felt sleepy so i ask the doctor is it normal? He told me no but you must have been so nervous that you have not slept for the past few days which was true. Then he said like that how are we going to have a conversation? I laughed. He said if you are sleepy then take a nap. But i couldn’t but i felt drowsy but kept awake the entire time and was chatting with the doctor during the whole surgery. I even asked him when i can have the second one. He told me, let’s talk about this after you have taken care of this one he joke. He even said a lot of people are not afraid of having the baby anymore, it’s about taking care of one, lol.

After a couple of minutes he told me it’s a little to hard to take the head out so he’s going to push hard on my stomach. All i can feel is like someone tapping my stomach, there is no pain at all. He said, it’s done look at your right it’s a girl, i see my baby and she looks all muddy in a cloth. After that he was sewing me up which takes longer than taking out the baby. I hear some sucking sound after that baby cries. There was a woman there just to receive the baby. She show me the baby again. Slightly cleaner but still looked muddy and her eyes were closed.

As i explained in details seems like it’s so long, but it only took 20 mins. After that i was wheeled out to the stand by room for about an hour. It’s where they monitor the heart beat and make sure everything is back to normal. I was still shivering and they cover me with a heated blanket. There were other people there that just had a surgery too. I felt much better after an hour and was wheeled back to my room and my hubby and parents were there. They had saw the baby and was so happy trying to figure out who she looks like.

2-3 Hours later my anesthetic is wearing off, and slowly  can feel my toes. I was not sleepy at all. They push the baby in for me to see. After they bathed her all nice and cleaned she look different when she was all muddy, lol. Hubby saw her opened her eyes for the first time. It was so cute, they can only bathed her after 2 hours. They have to adjust to the temperature first.

After my anesthetic had wear off, the nurse gave me shot of pain killers. It was very sleepy. After that i went to sleep and had a good rest. For the first day really need to live on the pain killers once they wear out you can feel the pain. The next day is not so bad, pain killers will change to tablets. Oh i forgot to mention they put a catheter so there was no need to get up from the bed. The nurses will clean you in the morning and evening and i was on drip for 2 days. On the second day, they will encourage you to get down from the bed and walk to the nursery to see the baby. I had a hard time getting down but eventually i’ve finally made it 🙂 After exercising myself to the nursery it was not as painful. I guess you just need to move that part of the body, since it has stitches it’s just stiff and the slightest movement made it feel painful. The catheter is removed and the next day i was ready to go home. Early morning they will teach you how to bath and feed the baby etc.

All prep and ready to go home.

I think C section has not had it’s benefit of the doubt at all. A lot of people been talking all sorts of bad things about it. Had they really had the experienced? All the myth out there about C section is not true. Or just simply set back in the days when medicine is not so advance yet. I can go on and on but i think this post is too long i think i’ll have to do another post about recovery after a C section. I do have one about confinement. Finally after such a long time i finally finished this post, lol

I had my baby the painless way, part 1

So you are pregnant, congratulations! I didn’t understand the miracle of child birth until i had my baby. Imagine from a dot growing everyday to become a baby and eventually coming out to the world to meet you. It is rather fascinating. Knowing and feeling this little person is growing inside of you. This is one thing i would say, if you have not tried it, you have no idea how it feels. There are many times we comfort our friends saying “i know how you feel” because we can imagine heart pain, embarrassment, feeling lonely and etc. This is the one thing you can never imagine until you had the experience. I didn’t believe it at first until now.

All my life i was terrified of pain. I can’t take the slightest pain ever. Needless to say that i need to give birth now. When i was young i always thought i was going to adopt cause i can never go through the process of labour. So now the day has come, what are my choices? It was either natural birth with epidural or C section.


If i want to have natural birth experience with less amount of pain, taking an epidural was the choice. I did research and find out more about this shot and asked my doctor’s advice too. My doctor is one of those super modern doctor and told me do whatever you want type. In his words, you can choose however you want to have the baby i’ll do it for you. I had a friend that took an epidural and it was painless for her and she was in labour for about 2 days. She told me is the only thing for her and glad she had it. At the same time i also heard that epidural only knocks out 80% of the pain which i think it’s fine compare to just “pain” My conclusion is, all depends on each person’s body. Some say they can feel a little pain, some no pain at all. People are always worried about side effects after the shot. The shot is taken at your spine. So when your old you will have back ache. C’mon when your old…. you will have back ache, regardless. Of course there are always pros and cons of the shot. Do your research before deciding. But i can tell you too much info can make it scary. I researched so much until i had to stop cause i was scaring myself. It is something you have to ask yourself, in exchange of pain you might have back ache later in life. Are you willing to do it? These days the amount of people that’s willing to take it, you be surprise. Labour pain is like no other pain (i’m sure you’ve heard of that) There are some people i know that didn’t even know there’s such a shot. They were so surprise and thinking of having another baby is just too painful and scary. The needle do look a little scary, quite long but no worries you can’t even see it (like i say it’s taken at  your spine:P) It blocks out the contractions. There are few ways of doing it. Some will have the epidural until the baby comes then the epidural will shut down and you will have to push (pain comes in). Some can have the epidural all the way until the baby comes out (totally painless, even when you push) Do ask your doctor about it. Every doctor has a different style of delivering babies (my doctor said to me, he can do it however i want) My friend that took the epidural her doctor told her the epidural will shut down when the baby comes so that she can feel the pain and push harder. So it all depends on you and your doctor, see whatever that’s comfortable for the both of you.

Spinal block

After a long 35 weeks of my pregnancy, thinking i was going to try natural birth with epidural i have chicken out. The anticipation of it had made me so nervous. When will i feel the pain? When will my water break? What if it’s in the middle of the night? How painful will it be? To the extend that i’ll dream of it from time to time. Knowing that it’s coming soon….. made me go a little cuckoo, lol.

At my last doctor visit, i told my doctor that i think i want a C section. He asked me why? I told him one reason, i’m so terrified of pain i don’t think i can even wait for the contractions to start. Having a C section you can deliver the baby early and set the date. Don’t have to wait for contractions to start. Once your 36 weeks the baby is ready to come out. Full term labour is 40 weeks. Even for natural birth some can be early and some can  be late. Hubby was in Singapore at that time for work so it’s also easier for us to arrange everything. I don’t want to be in labour and he’s in Singapore.

The doctor prepared the papers for me to sign and i’m set for next week (i was 36 weeks, usually for a planned C section it’s 2 weeks ahead of your due date in case the baby comes early). He briefly told me, you will have a spinal block and we’re done. Painless during the process and i will feel a slight push here and there he said, when the spinal block wears off you will feel pain but painkiller shots will be given to me. Rest one more day at the hospital and I can go home the next day. Altogether was 2 and half days.

It’s going to be another long post, i shall continue this in part 2. I will continue sharing my personal experience when i was push into the OT room 😉 What was i expecting?!

Part 2

My version of Chinese confinement do’s and don’ts, the modern way part 3

Continuation of part 1 and part 2

Another no no during confinement is you can’t touch water. Hm… this is a tricky one. Unless you don’t plan to bath, wash your privates or your delicates and just let it smell, you go ahead and do it. What is the whole purpose of not touching water? It is because touching water, it can sip into your pores and wind can enter to the body. I asked my doctor was it ok to bath and he said you can even swim if you want (i had a C section) The first thing i did when i got home from the hospital is to take a shower. Even though the nurses washed and wipe me (and my private part) c’mon there’s so much blood down there, nothing like having a warm shower cleanses everything. How could you not wash your hands? You need to sanitize yourself cause your taking care of your newborn. Don’t tell me your hands won’t get dirty.

Having said all of the above. You can always use warm water to do your things. Like taking a shower, washing your delicates, your hands etc. Unlike back in the days we have water heater now. Of course way back in China thousand years ago it was very inconvenient, especially in the cold weather. By using warm water you don’t have t be afraid of wind getting into the body. It is belief that using water wind will get into the body regardless if it’s cold or hot. But buy using warm water it minimizes the cause.

I love my warm bubble bath, especially when i was pregnant. Nothing like a warm bath that soothes the body. Of course not too hot, just warm (less than 100F). I’m sorry to say for all those people that went through the whole month of not taking a shower, it’s just disgusting. It’s a hygiene issue not about getting wind in your body. How can you be  unclean while you have to take care of your newborn and on top of that have to breast feed. Common sense has to kick in for some people. To me it just doesn’t make sense. What you can do is hold the shower and wash your private part. Do whatever that’s necessary so that you are clean. We are no longer stuck in the past, there are many ways you can go about this.

This sums it up for my confinement do’s and don’ts, can’t believe it took me 3 post and there were only a few don’ts 😛 These are the few main things that i believe that is important. Of course still there are many people out there that have their reasons to follow the traditional ways which is fine. Everyone can have their own version of their do’s and don’ts. For those who are expecting, congrats and take care! 🙂

My version of Chinese confinement do’s and don’ts, the modern way part 2

This is a continuation of part 1

I guess the number 1 no no during confinement is washing hair.

Why can’t we wash hair?

After experiencing it, now i finally know why and i would like share and explain this belief. Let’s go back to the past. Long long time ago in China where the weather is freezing cold, women gave birth and there were no electric water heater. In fact they even have to well the water up when they need it. There for, it was inconvenient and of course if you want hot water you will need to boil it. Which leads to chopping wood and making a fire (all this in the freezing cold weather) Wouldn’t it be easier to just not do it. After all in cold weather you don’t sweat, and you don’t smell. After giving birth pores in your body are all open, especially the pores on your head. There are many tiny pores where your hair is growing. Unlike your skin, there are very small and there’s a whole lot of them. You can imagine where all the hair is coming from. This is why, when you wash hair the wind will easily get in the body or in your head to be exact, resorting to getting a headache later on.

My experience

I could only last for 5 days of not washing my hair. It’s my itchy scalp that’s killing me, not the hair. Ever since i was preggers i have oily hair and my scalp was very itchy. First, bath then wash your hair separately (either bath first, or wash your hair first, not together) What i would do is bath then wash my hair, so right after that i can blow dry straight away. I love to take hot bath but warm is good  too. You can feel that the pores in your head is widely open because when the water hits, you feel there’s a cooling effect. Ya very strange but that’s how it is. Right after, quickly blow dry your scalp don’t focus on the hair. You want to make sure that your scalp is dry throughly. I’ve been doing that and so far so good, no headaches or pain. Until one time…..

It was already 1 month i was taking a shower in my mom’s bathroom and she left the air condition on. I blow dry my hair with the air condition on thinking it’s hot and it’s been 1 month so it should be fine. Boy was i wrong. 1 Hour later i was feeling this nagging pain on the left side of my head. It feels like migraine off and on the entire night. I start to massage it and it felt like a bruise (like when you rub a black and blue) I remember when i blow dry my hair the left side is facing the air condition. Wind must have gotten in on the left side. Had the discomfort the whole night, didn’t even sleep well. I was so worried, shit lor this time dunno when it will go away. LUCKILY….. it went away the next day. Whew!  Lesson learned, after that i dare not do the same thing again. Never had a headache like that again.

So the conclusion is that getting wind out is very important. But not to the extend of not washing your hair for 1 month. Just have to do it the right way. Wash your hair and blow dry it immediately.

Should you cut your hair short?

I didn’t cut my hair, after i gave birth it was pretty long (until bra strap) If you have short hair it is definitely more convenient. Like washing hair, you can prolong the days of washing it since it’s short. After awhile i find myself lazy washing my own hair. It gets oily real fast and my scalp is super itchy. It just seems so long and such a hassle. Almost had it cut, but i didn’t (got a perm instead, hehe) With short hair it’s more convenient when carrying a baby. Won’t be in the way. Of course with long hair, i always tie it up. So all the talk about cutting hair, it’s just for the convenience nothing to do with any beliefs 😉

Don’t go out during confinemet

Hibernating in the the house for 1 month is very boring. You just can’t wait to get out. I went out after 2 weeks. Well not on purpose, need to get some baby stuff so i quickly went to a mall and buy some stuff. It was not a very good experience. The mall was filled with people and i quickly try to buy what i needed and head home. Half way through i felt a little dizzy and my feet was very tired. I think my body has not adjusted. Felt a little light headed and i thought to myself, OK this why people don’t go out, lol.  The body really do need to recover and re-adjust after giving birth. All the hormones are hay wired and a little off. Conclusion….do stay home for the first month. Even though you feel well,  let your body recover first.

Opps! another long one… gonna stop here, check out part 3 ^_^

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