Little Bean 2.4Ghz digital baby monitor

* 300 meters trasmission range
* Two-way communication
* No interference and high privacy
* 2.4 ghz digital wireless transmission
* Frequency hopping technology with FHSS
* LEDs sound bar
* Baby’s room temperature indicated in the parent unit
* Lullaby activation from receiver
* Plays 3 melodies
* Voice activation (VOX) on baby unit
* Voice activation night light
* Adaptor or battery operated
* Recharging base

Rm 299- 350 (depends where you buy, online or at a shop)

Was scouting for a baby monitor after my move and came across this one. I’ve notice before that baby monitor was kinda pricey around Rm500 and above. I thought to myself i don’t think i want to spend so much on a baby monitor. When i saw this model with the price range i thought ok i think we can give this a try.

Saw some reviews and it says 300 meters range are suitable for upstairs and downstairs usage for standard a house. Didn’t want to go high and low searching for one so just give this one a try.

The review…

It is very sensitive and very clear. When the baby move it will immediately pick up the sound. But the down part is that the parent unit volume is very low. Make sure to turn up the volume to maximum every time it’s on (even on high volume it sounds low) I was surprise how sensitive it was, so that was a plus point.

Now the down part, you can never charge both of them at the same time. The baby unit with the adapter ┬ácan never be turn on when the parent unit is charging. So.. the baby unit is the one that’s left in the room turn on all the time right. The parent unit is the one that needs to be charged. When you charge the parent unit the baby unit has to be off. And the worst thing is that the parent unit battery runs out very fast. I think probably around 3 hours. Have to charge every night and have to switch is off each time. It is such a hassle of me cause you can’t just charge it as you like otherwise it will jam the monitor. Oh ya trust me i’ve tried it.

The lullaby is super loud and the sound is too sharp, definitely can’t be use for the baby to sleep. So that feature is useless. Temperature display is good, at least you can see what is the temperature of the room is at all times when you are away. Night light is ok i guess but it can be irritating cause there will be a light on all the time. Just put it in a direction that’s not facing the bed.

Well… for the price i can’t complaint much. Otherwise i’ll have to look into those sleeker ones that will cost me Rm 799-1k. So far it does the job but i wish that Little Bean can improve on the battery life.