Maternity support belt, review

So your stomach is getting big and maybe even before that your lower back is starting to stress you out. The agony and pain that you been suffering throughout the day…. fear not! the support belt can help.

I’ve been having lower back pain for quite sometime since i was pregnant. Didn’t think much of it and i guess at that time it was not so painful as in now. Before your stomach becomes big sometimes the lower back can be a little stressful but still bearable. Well… at least till the 3rd trimester when it’s no longer bearable. I’ve had pain since i wake up and through out the day all i did was just hanging in the house. I’ve heard people saying that the support belt helps, so immediately i went looking for it. Went to a few baby shops but sadly none of them carry the support belt. Until finally came across Mamour at 1Utama.

This is exactly what i wanted. There are 2 types. One of them is like a tube on the stomach. It’s also call the support belt/tummy. Straps are adjustable on both ends.

  Maternity belt

When i saw this i was thinking how can this support my back?? It’s just a piece of cloth that wrap around the stomach. Then when the sales girl show me the belt…. now that’s what I’m talking about. I know some people actually will wear two of them together for better support. For me i don’t like anything that wraps around my stomach. Kinda feel itchy and hot. But of course if you want support or to cover your tummy you can definitely try this one. Most shops will have this maternity belt.

I’ve research and was expecting that this belt would cost around Rm 200++ but to my surprise that this one that i found was only Rm 79.99. Well i’m pretty sure the more expensive ones are organic and special type of material but at this moment i’m not choosy whatever works. There’s a size chart there make sure you get the right size and don’t feel shy to try it out. I did and immediately i wore it 😛 I can’t believe it just relieve the pain right away. If i only knew this earlier with my first pregnancy. Also went through the same pain as early as 5 months into the pregnancy. So if you are thinking whether to try it out or not i would say yes if you are having lower back pain. Definitely can feel the improvement. So far it’s been working out really well for me.

I only wear it when i’m out on my feet and on days when it’s just too painful even at home. You do not want to cramp the baby just in case. Although it’s rested below the belly but if you are carrying low the baby might be kicking.