My tips and thoughts about renovation, Part 2

Finally i’ve been settled into my new home. It seems endless and still a lot of stuff needed to be done until i can say that it’s completed. Moving on from Part 1 next will be furniture.


Choosing our furniture is the most exciting part, i’d say. It determines what kind of style and taste we have. Before shopping for furniture think about what theme you would feel most comfortable in. Look at magazines or books of inspirations. Shop around at furniture stores before deciding. A lot may look good but do you really want that in your house? You need to feel comfortable and a sense of you in it. After all it is your house and you will be seeing it for a long time.

Big pieces to consider 

In my opinion big pieces like the sofa and dining table is something you might want to spend some money on. Most of us spend a lot of time in the living area and a comfy reliable sofa does make a difference. Would you prefer fabric sofa or leather? Of course both will also give you a different feel and atmosphere. Not to say you should jump in and buy a expensive sofa but a price that’s reasonable enough to at least last a good 5 years. Cheaper sofas had cheaper material and life span. Of course material and other stuff that comes with it has it’s limitations.

If you are going for fabric sofas think about seat covers. To make a extra set can be costly Rm 1k and above. It’s high quality material and can last a long time (imported material especially made for sofas)

Leather would be easy maintenance, wipe and clean. For our weather it can be hot and sticky as well.

Size of your dining table, either 5 ft or 6 ft. Look at your dining space and measure it out what is the appropriate size so it’s not too small or too big. Consider pulling out the chairs for space, will there be any other console table or shelves around it. What type of material do you prefer, glass, wood or marble? Think not only fashion but function as well. How often would everyone use the dining table? Dining table can be a multi purpose table as well.

For example, i choose a marble table with rounded edges cause i have kids. I also choose a design that has no 4 table legs instead just one big stand in the middle so that the kids won’t easily bump into it. Marble is also easy to take care and clean. Not easily scratch with kids around also i don’t want a glass table theni don’t have to worry about tapping on the glass. Some things to ask yourself before choosing a dining table.

What type of bed to consider? Bare in mind if you have small kids you might want to consider a king size bed. Before you know it, your bed will become a family bed. Everyone just loves to cuddle together 🙂 Before deciding on the king, do you have the space? You want to have proportions to be even out in the room. After the bed there’s no space to even walk then there’s no point.

Few things to consider, if you want to have a big wardrobe maybe your bed will have to sacrifice or vice versa. So think about items that you would need in the room. What should be a important big item and what can you sacrifice.

Kitchen cabinets

If you need to do a new kitchen or simply remodeling it think about what material would you like. There are lot’s of designs to choose from. From wood, acrylic, laminate, melamine, glossy finish etc all of these choices will give you the type of finish or look you want for your kitchen. If you have a open kitchen bare in mind that it has to go along with your living room (otherwise it will look weird, but not too matchy matchy)

Kitchen accessories do you need it? What is it and do you need it? It’s those that’s inside of your cabinets. Soft close, pull out baskets, dish rack etc. It many seem useless some times but it does come in handy if you are the type that’s always in the kitchen. Pick out cabinets that you frequently use or in a odd place to put the accessory in so it’s easy to maneuver.

Example: i had a pull out basket in one of my odd corner lower cabinets. It’s easier for me to take things instead of squatting and trying to dig things out that’s down in the corner. I had Blum system (soft close) in all my cabinets to prevent my kids from banging their little fingers. I also choose round handles so no one will get poke  (regardless kids or not) These are some of the details to think about before making all the decisions of your kitchen cabinet. Don’t forget to make space if you wish to have a build in oven and don’t forget to let them know the size of your fridge.

What kind of top?

Nice solid surface looks nice and so does the price. There are lot’s to choose from but do know that cheaper material will not work or last as good as the solid ones. Look into your budget and see what you can afford. Can always change the top later on, not much of a hassle.

Will stop here for now, too many details if i continue on. Till next time.


How to remove sticky residue

At last my Mac is fixed and i can finally blog ^_^

Was trying to find a way to remove the sticky residue on my Mac. You know one of those clear sticky protector. When you want to remove it, it always leave that sticky residue that we just hate. You would want to clean it off before sticking something new or leave it as it is without the residue. So…. i google and try to find ways to remove it. It came up with a few ways which is not very user friendly. One of it was using peanut butter, oh man think of the mess and another sticky oily thing. And there were others using oil, lip balm, WD40, nail enamel and so on. All of it which i don’t think i like the idea. Everything would sort of make my Mac oily, even though i can clean it after but still oil is pretty hard to clean.

Then i remember when i was depotting my eye shadows there was a trick that uses rubbing alcohol (it’s called Spirit here in Asia) to remove the glue from behind. So i peel the corner of the sticker and tried rubbing spirit to the area and the sticky residue came off easily. Leaving it nice and smooth and no oily surface for me to clean after that.

You can buy this at any local drug store. Look for spirit that’s for sanitizing they don’t know what is rubbing alcohol here. I prefer using a cotton so that the sprit will stay longer in the cotton than a tissue. Just peel the sticker off and use the cotton to rub the sticky surface. Done…. smooth like original.

Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit, Review


My latest splurge for make up as you can see is Laura Mercier flawless face. The kit includes: foundation primer, tinted moisturizer, undercover pot, secret camouflage brush, powder brush, velour puff & sponge. Laura Mercier is very well known for their foundation and that flawless effect without looking cakey or a ton of make up on yr face. Having good skin is important but what if you don’t have good skin? You will need to look like you do 😛


To start off, one of my favourite item from the kit is undercover pot (secret camouflage) On the left hand side is to cover blemishes, red spots or any trouble areas. On the right hand side is a concealer. Twist the pot, underneath is the powder to set the areas. Bear in mind the brushes that comes with the kit is for this item.

I was never a concealer user so this is my first time, same goes for the secret camouflage. After trying it out, i don’t think i can leave the house without using it now hahaha! Apply it after your foundation, just dab it on yr brush and pat it behind your hand so that it’s light and not heavy. Dab it on the area that you want to cover and slowly feather it to blend. Same goes with the concealer. You don’t need to use a lot, just a bit and softly feather it out.

It’s called the secret camouflage for a reason. After you finish your make up , you can see the troubled areas are flawless. If you are one of those like me, with red spots or freckles and some blemishes from time to time, this is the thing you been looking for. I have to say i was very happy with the foundation primer to begin with, but after using the camouflage the primer cannot cover the troubled areas. What’s more to love? Well…. after applying it, it does not look cakey or patchy it looks nicely blended in your foundation on top of that the finish is very natural or as Laura Merceir would say a flawless face.

Of course if you want a flawless face it would not be just the secret camouflage.


Foundation primer is a base to set your foundation if you don’t know that yet. The importance of the foundation primer is for your make up to last longer (holds foundation and make up for hours & hours), and even out your skin tone. A prep for your foundation.

Tinted moisturizer, don’t get confuse with the name. It’s NOT a moisturizer, it’s a foundation. It’s a medium coverage foundation, and it also have SPF 20. It also hydrates your skin & dry lines. Color stays true and wears evenly leaving a natural glow.  I’ve been using it daily for a couple of weeks now, so far so good. I like the feel, the look and just enough coverage for my everyday look. Leaves me a fresh clean glowing face.

The kit is a good start to try their products. The retail price is at Rm 329. You get a decent size for each item. It will last your for awhile, cause all you need is to use is just a little bit. Remember one thing, when you do your make up make sure your hand movements is light and not heavy and blend everything well. You don’t want to end up a patch of color here and there.




1. Primer

2. Tinted foundation

3. Secret camouflage

Have fun!

Until next time…